About Us

MAYA Youth in Performing Arts (MAYA) is a community based organisation that was established in 2012 that operates as a not-for-profit targeting the dynamic and aspirational youth of Sydney. 

Our organisation is built on the foundation of mentoring artistic talent to create life on stage through drama, dance and music. In the process, we aim to support charitable organisations by raising funds and awareness whilst also widening the horizons and understanding our members and the broader community. 

As a culturally and socially focused organisation we aim to foster and nurture the creative ability of Sydney’s youth through the performing arts. In the last 5 years, we have staged the following productions: To Be Arranged (2012), About A Brown (2013), Still Life (2014), The Rowling Cowley (2015), FOMO (2016), Hide and Seek (2016) and FOMO 2 (2017). Our upcoming 2018 production is named Three Red Hands.

Reflecting its broad appeal, MAYA attracts involvement from individuals of all ages; school aged students to university students and working professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

As MAYA continues to grow and evolve into the future, we aim to deliver an enriching experience for all those a part of our MAYA community, built upon a performing arts platform, with the aim of developing a socially aware and engaging society.

If you would like to be a part of the MAYA community, we encourage you to join us! 

Our Mission

Inspire youth to explore the extent of their talents

Refresh cultural ties with the community

Foster a passion for the performing arts

Maintain a strong charity focus

Make a difference in this world and inspire change

Executive Committee

Maathumai Ranjan

President & Treasurer

Ramya Prabhakaran

Vice President

Advisory Committee

Bahaven Jeyaratnam

Haresh Nair

Lakshman Nirthanakumaran

Maathumai Ranjan

Mathangan Paskarajothy

Minh Phan

Ramya Prabhakaran

Sakthi Satkumaran

Sathyananda Sivaraj

Yogeesan Sivakumaran