Past Productions

FOMO 2 (2017)

FOMO 2 is a prequel to 2016’s FOMO that explored how a young boy grappled with the death of his older brother by tapping into his imagination. It is set some years prior where the older brother, the now protagonist, has just received the diagnosis of cancer. His reaction to the news and its developments is the focus of the play as it delves into the origins of FOMO’s imaginary universe.

Hide and Seek (2016)

Hide and Seek is a theatrical production about Sid and Sam (brothers, and con-artists) who escape from prison and crash an Indian wedding in pursuit of a priceless diamond ring. It is a story of relationships, of society, of regret and of redemption.

FOMO (2016)

Axel is going through a difficult time. He’s fourteen years old, his brother is very sick and his family is struggling to cope. His escape is his overactive imagination and the universe he has created in his head. FOMO is a story of learning to cope with sadness, and of finding the love in difficult times.


The Rolling Cowley (2015)

The Rolling Cowley is a pirate extravaganza focusing on the importance of family.

Family is not bordered by blood.

Still Life (2014)

The lacklustre students of Arts 101 have been invited to the gallery for their first assignment by the increasingly eccentric Mr. Morgan. Their task: observe the art. Quickly the students find themselves drawn into the paintings, surrounded by their colourful characters, their whirling worlds and symphonic symbolism, until they realise a terrible truth: the paintings themselves are disappearing. Fading away. Can the students find a way to save the paintings, or will the art be lost to time forever?

About A Brown (2013)

About A Brown is a musical comedy that centres on the stories of a group of young adults. These characters epitomise the issues that challenge our generation, specifically the careful balancing act we perform in our day to day lives in order to reconcile the beliefs and behaviours handed down to us from our cultural heritage against the social values and influences we are surrounded by, having grown up in our multicultural Australian society.

Still Life (2012)

Rajan, a young theatre director, attempts to stage the perfect love story… in real life. Together with his assistant, Priya, and one of his actors, Barney, he plays cupid for two of his unwitting friends. But, as they soon discover, real life is nothing like the stage, and people don’t always act according to the script.