The Play: Preview

Hide and Seek is a theatrical production about Sid and Sam (brothers, and con-artists) who escape from prison and crash an Indian wedding in pursuit of a priceless diamond ring. It is a story of relationships, of society, of regret and of redemption.

The play is unique in the truest sense as it tells a thrilling story with comedic elements in a pseudo-musical format. Moreover, the script, music composition, production design and dance choreography are all original conceptions and are being presented for the first time.

But the production is not just a story. Nor is it just a dance, a set, or a piece of music. It is an attempt at doing something great; something beyond our conscious capabilities. Hide and Seek is a platform for young and talented individuals to express themselves in a safe, nurturing, but ambitious environment. It is an opportunity for us as a community to donate our time, skills and resources for an endearing cause.

Hide and Seek. It is a creation of our hearts.

The Charity: Woodbury Autism Education and Research

Woodbury Autism Education and Research is Australia’s leading school for children with autism. Woodbury exists to bring all parents hope for the future of their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Their main purpose is to help the child fulfill their goals and dreams.

Woodbury aims to make available to the community of NSW, teaching strategies that are scientifically proven to maximise the likelihood of children with autism reaching functional adulthood by:

  • Replication of their current educational facility in other parts of NSW

  • Educational outreach services for the rural autistic community

  • ABA/behaviour management training facility for the educational professionals and caregivers

  • Web based information site detailing current management methods relation to autism

  • Research into the relative effectiveness of various teaching modalities

Funds Raised for Woodbury
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The Team

Nalin Narang

Writer & Director

Theatre, drama, film...storytelling. These are passions of mine which have changed me as a person. Having dabbled in dance, music and acting, I have found myself continually pulled into this enticing world of performing arts. For me, MAYA is like home base, from which I found myself jumping to explore and discover new aspects of my own being.

While acting and directing are things that I have had some experience in, writing is another beast altogether. It is a challenge I am enjoying evermore, and am buzzing with the excitement of sharing Hide and Seek with everyone.

Building off the wonderful experiences I have had of acting in MAYA in the past, I am thrilled to be one of the leaders in the Hide and Seek team. As writer and director, I'm hoping to present a show that is fresh, theatrical, soulful and enjoyable.

Janu Gnanamurthy


I've been a part of Maya for three years as a dancer and last year had the privilege to be a choreographer. By being a part of Maya from the beginning I've seen the way it has evolved and how it's put together a sellout crowd show. Even though I haven't had a big part in putting together a Maya show before I have had the opportunity to head a committee to run a show called cultural night where I gained a lot of experience in management. I'm also currently working as a project manager so I feel I have the skill set required to help bring our team another sellout crowd who walk away amazed at what Maya youth have to offer.

Mathan Sathiyamoorthy

Assistant Director

It is my strong passion for the many elements of a stage production that have led to my interest in being an Assistant Director. My involvement with MAYA includes dancing in its debut show, “To Be Arranged,” and acting in its second production, ``About a Brown.`` My acting experience also includes playing the protagonist in a Guru Purnima production, and being a lead actor in the UNSW Anjali production/musical, ``How I Met Your Amma.`` Throughout these productions I have had the opportunity to assist other actors with the development of their character, revise scripts, and workshop a wide variety of scenes. These experiences have taught me a lot about the many different aspects of theatre, which I hope to share with the MAYA Youth of 2016.

Ashantth Indrapalan

Assistant Producer

As my first year participating in a Maya Production I am very eager to test the leadership and management skills I have acquired through my involvement in various events and service activities within the Youth wing of the Sathya Sai Organisation of Australia. Participating in a National Youth Group has given me the platform to face numerous tasks and overcome them, I believe that these understandings will support me in my role as assistant producer. I am also familiar with other aspects of production such as Music which I gained as a percussionist in UNSW’s 2015 Oli Oli Production, and Drama as a member of the Youth Drama Team in the Sai Org. Though Maya will be a unique and challenging experience, I am looking forward with working with this team to produce a successful show.

Shri Pranavan Sivalohan

Music Director

I’m a multi-instrumentalist with an equally strong passion for exploring both western and eastern paths of music. I have studied the Tabla drum since the age of seven performing at various events along the way. Learning this instrument has opened up the world of percussion instruments pushing me to further learn the western drums an African percussion. My passion for music has further grown through my exploration of the melodic side of music including learning vocals, guitar and the piano. I have extensive experience with music composition, which has been extremely beneficial when preforming at concerts and events such as the UNSW Anjali Programs. I believe I can share my extensive experience and love for music with young upcoming musicians and confidently fulfil the role of music director. I see this opportunity as an invaluable learning experience where I can understand the intricacies of show management and innovatively drive a group of talented young people.

Brindha Punneyalingam

Dance Director

My journey with MAYA started in 2013 as a dancer. Since then, I have also co-launched my own dance school called D'FATE through which I have not only enhanced my dance skills, but also increased my dance profile in the community through the numerous gigs we perform. By day I am a teacher, which highlights my leadership and communication skills. As a Dance Director for MAYA in 2016, I believe I can use my career skills as well as passion of dance to further strengthen MAYA's dance profile. With this opportunity, I'm excited to continue progressing along my creative journey.

Smrit Narang

Marketing and Sponsorship Co-lead

My participation with MAYA started from its inception in 2012 as a dancer, and continued in 2013 as a dance choreographer and member of the marketing team. Having being involved with MAYA from the beginning, I have a very good understanding of the purpose of this organisation and the energy and diligence with which the productions are put together. Having been a part of the MAYA marketing team last year, I was able to raise awareness of the show to the wider public by securing a MAYA photograph in the mX newspaper, a post on Bollywood Club events’ Facebook page/EDM and have a reporter from Indian Link attend the show and write a review, all at no charge. Imagine what we could do with a budget! Additionally, as an Associate Director at a top-tier media agency, I have the media relationships and skills required to be able to amplify MAYA’s production and chosen charity to its maximum opportunity within society. I work with various people on a daily basis and carry experience in managing clients and a team, which I believe gives me the ability to lead the marketing and sponsorship area within the MAYA portfolio.

Suthagar Karunanithi

Marketing and Sponsorship Co-lead

I first came to MAYA in 2012 as an audience member, where I learnt of the great work the organization was involved in. In 2013 I opted to become part of the team as the photographer throughout production. This year I plan to use my experiences from previous not for profit organisations. As the former NSW Fundraising Coordinator as well as the National Merchandise Coordinator for a nation youth organisation, I bring to the team leadership and team work. I also bring along years of experience in pulling in large value sponsors, as well the ability to market the organisation as well as the cause that we are working for. I come to the team with a portfolio of contacts of potential sponsors as well as many fresh new ideas and systems to the marketing and sponsorship team of MAYA.

Nivi Saravanan

Wellbeing Coordinator

I have been involved Maya Youth in performing Arts for the past three years. As a dancer in the second production (About a Brown), an actor in the third production (Still Life) and involved in Wellbeing & Fundraising this year (Rolling Cowley), I have been able to comprehend how and what it takes to organise and bring a show to life from various aspects. Furthermore I have also had experience organising and running shows for Sydney Kalaabavanam for the past 10 years and have been involved in fundraising for these shows throughout the years as well as choreographing dances for numerous charity programs. I have had the opportunity to learn many things from these experiences, which I believe I can offer as the Wellbeing & Fundraising Director in MAYA 2016.

Shareen Masawan

Make-Up and Costume Designer

My past with Maya has been an exciting one, starting with doing the Makeup and Hair for the encore for very first show 'To Be Arranged.'

I then went to act within this amazing organisation and played the crazy character Boots in 'About a Brown' and then then the slightly uptight 'Nivi' in 'Still Life.' I've had a lot of practice with makeup and costume over the period of my life purely as a hobby. When I found out I couldn't use these skills for a good cause I was stoked!

This year with Hide and Seek, I'm taking on the epic task of Makeup and Costume Design. I hope to bring each individual character to life through analysing the script and character profiling.

Makeup is meant to compliment the particular character and needs to be varied from person to person in order to truly create a stage presence.

With costume, it is my aim to not only make the actors looks spectacular on stage, but simultaneously make sure they are comfortable and confident in their skin.

Sathyananda Sivaraj

Set Manager

I was one of the founders of Maya and have played different roles in each production. From acting and assistant directing to set construction and associate producing, Maya has given me many opportunities to have new experiences. This year I am able to head up a very talented and enthusiastic set team and we hope to build an amazing set for Hide and Seek.


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