The Play: The Rolling Cowley

The Rolling Cowley is a play about family. It focuses on the story of two siblings split by a pirate raid, and their respective journeys to find each other. On this journey, they form their own families, proving that family is not bordered by blood.


The Charities

Palmera Projects
Palmera Projects is a not for profit organisation making great and lasting changes in developing nations. Their driving belief is that investing in local leaders will solve local challenges. Palmera invest in rural entrepreneurs so that they can lift themselves out of poverty, provide different choices for their families and transform their communities.

The Rolling Cowley supported the sustainable dairy project, where farmers are provided with a  2 year interest free loan for the purchase of cows and cattle sheds. They are also trained on innovative and sustainable farming practices, increasing their ability to better meet their family’s daily food, health and education needs.


Funds Raised for Palmera
Letter of Appreciation

Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in children affecting 1 in 500 in Australia. Cerebral palsy is a lifelong physical disability affecting movement and posture along with other possible impairments such as a speech, vision or intellectual. The causes are unknown and there is no known cure.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has a 68 year history of providing services, helping people to achieve independence and live life as full as possible.

Funds Raised for Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Letter of Appreciation

The Team

Rahm Ranjan


Bahaven Jeyaratnam


Jasper Kyle

Director & Scriptwriter

Sam Lucas Allen

Assistant Director

Sai Sankare Siritharan

Dance Choreographer

Lavina Mital

Dance Choreographer

Mathangan Paskarajothy

Set Designer

Piranavan Subramaniam

Set Manager

Liam Holley

Music Director

Maathumai Ranjan

Front of House

Kasturi Murugavel

Music Director

Shirley Chau

Costume Designer

Shri Gayathirie Rajan


Hari Sritharan


Nivedha Saravanan


Smeetha Jayakumar


Anu Ganapathy


Raviteja Kannekanti


Our Memories